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17. 06. 2015 — 13:38

by lars

Pinterest, new website …

We’re working on a new website (since 2 Years now … but we’ll finish it soon!). For the new website we’ll remove many of the older works from our showcase. We’ll post some of those works and many other stuff on our newly created Pinterest Account – follow us there!

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15. 06. 2015 — 14:48

by lars

April, May, …

My son already identified the April object (do you?) … and of course the palmtrees. And what’s that May thing? …


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22. 05. 2015 — 11:45

by lars

upstruct sucht Dich als neuen Praktikanten!

upstruct studio

Ab September haben wir wieder einen 6 monatigen Praktikumsplatz zu vergeben.

Das sollte von deiner Seite drin sein:
· mindestens abgeschlossenes Grundstudium des Kommunikationsdesigns
· fundierte Kenntnisse in den gängigen Grafikprogrammen
· nicht Pflicht, aber immer von Vorteil: Programmierkenntnisse
· kreativ, neugierig, engagiert, spontan, zielorientiert, vielseitig
· Zeit zwischen Anfang September 2015 und Ende Februar 2016

Das bieten wir:
· wertvolle Einblicke in alle Bereiche
· Arbeit am Kundenprojekt mit vielen kreativen Freiheiten
· vernünftige und geregelte Arbeitszeiten
· angemessene Vergütung

Weitere Infos auf

Bewerbungen mit aussagekräftigem Portfolio an mail at

Wir freuen uns auf dich!
Toni & Lars

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02. 04. 2015 — 14:25

by lars


Now here’s the March palm tree of our dot-to-dot calendar.

upstruct calendar 2015 - March

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09. 03. 2015 — 12:21

by lars


Next month of the upstruct dot-to-dot calendar: February is really cryptic. Maybe you get it when March is done? Do you identify march already?

upstruct calendar 2015 - february

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02. 02. 2015 — 14:30

by lars


January dot-to-dot drawing of the upstruct calendar 2015 unveiled. – Do you get it?


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05. 01. 2015 — 12:01

by lars

Neues Jahr – neues Büro – neue Adresse

Wir haben vor Weihnachten unsere definitiv mehr als sieben Sachen gepackt und ein neues Büro im Wedding bezogen. – Ihr findet uns nun in der Uferstraße direkt neben den Uferhallen. Mit uns im Studio ist Adrian Lohmüller und im Haus viele weitere Künstler und Architekten. Wir freuen uns über unsere neuen Nachbarn und natürlich jederzeit über Besuch.

upstruct studio wedding

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05. 12. 2014 — 14:25

by lars

upstruct calendar 2015

Holy moly THE UPSTRUCT CALENDAR 2015 is out!
Again in A1 (approx. 60 × 85 cm) and strictly limited to 55 copies we introduce the new upstruct screen print calendar 2015. Draw a line each day and unveil it’s contents throughout the whole year.

Order your copy here and make yourself or someone else happy for at least 365 days.

upstruct calendar 2015 - poster

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01. 10. 2014 — 14:27

by lars

A new “save …” icon

A few years ago we’ve asked ourselves how a modern “save” or “save as” icon could look like. (see our post on dribbble) The floppy disk icon is really out of date and a check mark might be perceived as a task related icon. The arrow from top to bottom (into a inbox) is obviously a download icon which means saving contents from a server to your local device. We were searching for an icon which does mean “save” without saying if it is online or local or archived or protected or anything else. Just “save” or “save changes”.

A few weeks ago a competition (in german) started for searching a new “save as” icon:

Of course this was a temptation for us to think about the whole thing again and to enter the contest. If you like our idea please vote for us (you can even win something, signup is recommended): vote here

new save icon by upstruct

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15. 04. 2014 — 14:12

by lars

Tadaaa, we have a door sign!

After over 3 years now in this venue. Some things obviously have higher priorities ;-)
(and yes, we had to use this incredibly beautiful frame)

upstruct has a door sign

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