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About us


Highest Quality

“The details aren’t the details – they make the design” is what Charles Eames said already. We agree and we strongly work with this assumption in our minds. We’re not happy before everything is perfect.



Design is about solving problems. We believe a good designer needs to be able to think like someone else does. We create concepts and strategies to communicate the right things at the right time at the right place in the right way. “We’re not only artists.” This is one of our strongest competences.


Keeping Track

We’re not specialized too much and thus always have an eye for all different media. We don’t close our minds to new things and always keep ourselves up to date and learn the newest insights about design rules, theory and design knowledge.

What we offer

We offer a wide variety of design disciplines without loosing the eye and love for the details. We care for creating a consistent design language through all your communication channels.

  • Graphic Design

  • Corporate + Brand Design

  • Web + Interface Design and Development

  • Editorial + Book Design

  • Illustration

  • Ask us for more

The upstructers

upstruct was founded by Toni Harzer and Åsmund Vonheim Seip in summer 2005 in Berlin. After the first year together, Åsmund moved back to his homeland, Norway, and opend a second studio in Oslo. upstruct berlin oslo was born. Over the years both studios grew together, employing up to 6 workers, the clients became numerous and the projects bigger.

Due to strategic realignment, the Oslo studio had to be closed in 2010. Consequently the focus was back in Berlin, where it all began. Lars Trautmann is a part of the Berlin studio since 2008 and became a partner in 2011.

Toni Harzer

since 2005 Founding member and partner at upstruct
2000 - 2005 Freelance designer for various agencies and clients
2000 - 2005 German Diploma of Arts in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Specialism Corporate Design)
1998 - 1999 Internship as graphic designer

Lars Trautmann

since 2011 Partner at upstruct
2008 - 2011 Internship and freelance designer for upstruct
2007 - 2010 Freelance designer for various agencies and clients
2004 - 2010 German Diploma of Arts in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Specialism Intermedia Design)
2004 Internship as graphic designer (designkombinat, Constance)
2002 Design- and mediatechnique highschool graduation with distinction
1998 First experiences with webdesign and -development

Markus Dittrich

since 2017 Designer at upstruct
2015 - 2017 Internship and freelance designer for upstruct
2011 - 2017 German Diploma of Arts in Communication Design and Media at the University of Technology, Business and Design Wismar with distinction
2008 - 2011 In-company apprenticeship as a media designer in digital- and print-media

Pia Salzer

since 2020 Designer at upstruct
2015 - 2020 Bachelor of Arts in design with focus on illustration and graphic design at Nuremberg Institute of Technology
since 2018 Freelance designer and illustrator for various clients and collaborations
2018 Internship at upstruct
2016 - 2017 Working student in design and marketing (Landis+Gyr, Nuremberg)

Pia’s photo was made by Leon Greiner

More upstructers

Alexandra Rein • Designer, Student Assistant since 2019
Marlene Müller • Intern, 2020

Former upstructers

Åsmund Vonheim Seip • Co-founder & Partner, 2005 - 2009, upstruct oslo
Tom-Marius Olsen • Partner, 2007 - 2010, upstruct oslo
Jarle Frivold • Partner, 2007 - 2010, upstruct oslo
Anders Fristad Rudolph • Partner, 2008 - 2010, upstruct oslo
Øystein Riiser Gundersen • Partner, 2008 - 2010, upstruct oslo

Kati Hohnschild • Intern, 2011
Tobias Frost • Intern, 2011
Giancarlo Piccinno • Intern, 2012
Claudia Silbermann • Intern, 2012
Daniela Hach • Intern, 2013
Dorota Orlof • Intern, 2013
Claudia Scheer • Intern, 2013
Lisa Kolbe • Intern, 2014
Sergio Calero • Intern, 2014
Sarah Stauch • Intern, 2015
Marcela Bustamante • Intern, 2015
Michael Länger • Intern, 2016
Winona Biber • Intern, 2016
Eduard Felegeanu • Intern, 2017
Camila Coutinho • Intern, 2017
Gaelle Cimen • Intern, 2018
Sabrina Prinz • Intern, 2019
Antonia Nix • Intern, 2019
Janina Blum • Intern, 2020


Your internship at upstruct

Get part of the upstruct family and work with us on our next projects. Send your application and your portfolio to

Although we really would like to respond to all of your applications we can’t guarantee that we will manage to answer all your emails. Also it might take some time. Sorry for that.



The flexibility of a small office combined with the access to a broad network of skilled professionals with the ability to realise larger assignments, is an increasingly popular formula because of it’s benefits for the costumers.

If a project demands special skills, we have all the suitable specialists. Even if it goes beyond our own range of products, we will always guarantee high quality.


The Studio

The studio is located on the top floor of a building in Berlin Kreuzberg. Here we have a lot of space for striking new ideas.

The public transport intersection U-Südstern is close-by (U7). Furthermore you can reach us by bike or car and we are always happy to receive visitors!


upstruct on instagram • @studio_upstruct

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Harzer & Trautmann GbR

Gneisenaustraße 59
10961 Berlin

M •
T • +49. 30. 33 95 25 66

Can we do something for you?

No matter if you have a detailed and finished briefing or if you don’t have any idea about how to start your design project: we’re here to help – don’t hesitate to contact us and ask us about anything.
The assignment does not start before everything is clear and you give us a go.

Searching for an internship or you’re a freelancer? Write us here: